'The Day After' - Holland Opera:

**** "Alistair Shelton-Smith made an athletic Phoebus in a swirling scarlet robe. His effortlessly projected baritone has an appealing upper range, and promises to deepen with age." (Bachtrack, Jenny Camilleri. 28.06.2015)

**** "[...] the rich baritone of Alistair Shelton-Smith cut to the emotional quick." (Trouw, Anita Twaalfhoven. 29.06.2015)

**** "[...] baritone Alistair Shelton-Smith was sonorous as the first haughty and later doubting sun god, Phoebus." (Theaterkrant, Max Arian. 26.06.2015)

 'Owen Wingrave' - Opera Trionfo (NL): 

***** "[...] the excellent newcomer to the cast, Alistair Shelton-Smith in the title role." (Trouw, Peter van der Lint. 14.01.2014)

'Greek' - Music Theatre Wales / Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Linbury Studio (on standing-in at ten hours notice) :

"Shelton-Smith's assuredly protean yet deeply felt vocal performance fully deserved the rapturous reception that it received from audience and cast-members alike, and would have done so even if it had not been for the particular circumstances." (Opera Today, Mark Berry. 23.10.2013)

 'Die Flut' - Grachten Festival, Amsterdam:

"The show was incredibly exciting. It was superbly sung and acted. I was particularly charmed by the baritone Alistair Shelton-Smith (fisherman)." (Place de l'Opera, Basia Jaworski. 15.08.2011)

'Penthesilea' - Operadagen Rotterdam:

"[…] sung with precision and charisma by Young-Hee Kim and Alistair Shelton-Smith […]" (Financial Times, Shirley Apthorp. 27.05.2011) 

"[Young-Hee Kim] sings her role with vocal precision and flawless German, as does her Achilles, baritone Alistair Shelton-Smith. The interplay between both characters and the ensemble approaches perfection." (De Stentor, Margaretha Coornstra. 06.12.09)

'Black Feather Rising' - Stichting Octopus (NL):

"Especially impressive is the baritone Alistair Shelton-Smith, who was partially educated [here] in the Netherlands. With his flexible voice and his unwavering intense focus, he takes hold of this seemingly impossible show." (NRC Handelsblad, Kasper Jansen)

"[...] small gestures and a rich, multifaceted voice. He is the strong suit in this small-scale production." (Volkskrant, Lonneke Regter. 28.10.08)

Black Feather Rising (Param Vir) 2009

Photographer - Anna van Kooij

'Greek' - Staatsoper Hannover:

"Glorious, gritty vision of hell […] Alistair Shelton-Smith’s Eddy is every inch the ne’er-do-well with hidden depths, able to switch from coarse monologue to mellifluous lament in the blink of an eye." (Financial Times, Shirley Apthorp. 20.05.2008)

"Alistair Shelton-Smith conveys an Eddy - the misunderstood, maverick underdog - with fantastic physicality, and is correspondingly able to perform the extreme vocal challenges." (Opernnetz, Franz R. Stuke. 19.05.2008)

"Above all Eddy. The modern Oedipus, sung and with the necessary power fabulously acted by Alistair Shelton-Smith." (Neue Presse, Henning Queren. 17.05.2008)

[Alistair Shelton-Smith's Eddy] "is a macho cheeky brat, a big-mouthed hero from the gutters of society, and a dejected pawn on the chessboard of fate, all of which he performs with colour and intensity, even in the quietest passages, when drums in the night signal from afar that darkness now falls upon the hero." (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Rainer Wagner. 17.05.2008)

 'La Wally' - Staatsoper Hannover:

"[…] Alistair Shelton-Smith, a ballsy farmer […]" (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Rainer Wagner. 10.06.2008)

 'Don Giovanni' - Dutch National Opera Academy:

"Shelton-Smith packs his role as seducer full of nuances." (Leidsch Dagblad, Susanne Lammers. 03.07.2008)

 'Greek' - Dag in de Branding Festival, The Hague:

"Alistair Shelton-Smith excels in equal measures as both a recalcitrant and a sympathetic Eddy." (AD.nl, Winand van de Kamp. 19.03.2007)